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Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1

What is Jolly Wheels?

Jolly Wheels is an innovative car rental agency providing car rental reservations and other services for our valued customers and providers. Basically we are a car rental medium. Our car rentals are provided by a grown network of individual and small fleet rental companies spread through all 50 states. With so many services and programs, we are not easily defined.

Question #2

Where are we located?

The pick-up location of your reserved vehicle is e-mailed to you in the last step of the reservation process. The address of the vehicles are not published on our website, nor can you find them on internet searches.

Question #3

What are the Requirements to rent a car with Jolly Wheels?

Must be 18 years old or older. Must be legally allowed to drive in the country where the vehicle is being rented. Must posses a credit card or bank issued debit card.

Question #4

What is car sharing?

It's an arrangement for a group of individuals to use the same vehicle in order to split the cost. Larger operations with a greater membership, can share multiple vehicles.

Question #5

What is peer to peer car sharing?

It's the same as a car sharing arrangement, however, the vehicles are owned by individuals and not a company.

Question #6

What is the process for getting a car with Jolly Wheels?

1. Select a vehicle for the dates and the location that you wish on this website or by calling 800-558-9139.
2. Jolly Wheels verifies price and availability with provider.
3. Payment to hold the vehicle is due. This amount varies from rental, and is included in the total quoted price.
4. Rental Contract is e-mailed to you with address and phone number of your provider.

Question #7

How is the partial payment (1st payment) calculated?

The initial payment is a total of several fees. Each vehicle or Provider may allow Jolly Wheels to manage certain services to which is charged to the customer. Jolly Wheels charges 20% up to $25.00 as a finders fee. Other charges in this payment incude but are not limited to, mileage waiver, young driver assurance, state taxes, recovery fee, motor vehicle records surcharge, CDW/LDW, etc.

Question #8

What are the condition of the cars?

The conditions vary greatly as we carry a wide age range of vehicles. Your sales rep would be happy to go over the condition of the vehicle with you considering your use.

Question #9

Does Jolly Wheels offer service to Airports?

Depends on which airport. A future development on the website will allow you to select an option of airport service with associated costs if any.

Question #10

What is a Provider?

A provider is an entity in our organization that provides a vehicle for rent on our system. A provider can be a company or an individual.

Question #11

Does Jolly Wheels check the vehicles for mechanical integrity?

Vehicles that are owned by already existing car rental establishments are verified by their own safety standards. For vehicles that are owned by individuals we rely on the feedback of customers. A future development of our website is having a rating system for each vehicle so you can see what others have said about the vehicle that you are considering.

Question #12

I made a reservation but never got an e-mail. What should I do?

There are 2 reasons why this may happen. Your e-mail address may have been incorrectly entered into our system, or your e-mail program (Yahoo, Gmail, Aol) classified the e-mail as junk mail or SPAM. The first thing you should do is check your junk folder. Some e-mail programs may refer to this folder as "Junk Mail", "Bulk Folder", "SPAM mail" or simply "SPAM" or "bulk". Click on this folder and look for an e-mail from "Jolly Wheels". If you can not find the e-mail, call Jolly Wheels with your reservation number so it can be resolved and have your e-mail resent.

Question #14

What can I do if I don't have a credit or bank issued debit card?

Easy ... Get One. There are tons of banks and financial institutions that can issue you a line of credit and send you a credit card by mail. Fees and requirements vary greatly. For car rentals, we strongly recommend American Express as there are may features that benefit travelers. Another thing that can be done would be to find a friend or family member that has a credit or debit card that can rent the vehicle for you. Then you may be added as an additional driver. NOTE: The primary renter with the method of payment is the only one allowed to pick up the vehicle.

Question #15

Why is it so hard to rent a vehicle with cash?

In the travel industry cash = no credit, no trend of responsibility and low chance of recovery. Its the difference of loaning your laptop to a neighbor vs. someone who you can't track or hides who they are.

Question #16

Why do car rental companies make a big deal over how I pay?

Simple, its a matter of trust and responsibility. With the understanding that if someone can be trusted with something little, he can also be trusted with much. Car Rental companies would prefer to rent to individuals who are responsible and trustworthy. Since none of them can read hearts or intentions, they rely on indicators of current and past financial statuses.

Question #17

Can I have my rental car delivered?

It Depends. Factors such as which provider and length of your rental are the primary factors. Usually the longer the rental the more likely your rental car can be delivered.

Question #18

I have a card that has a Visa or Mastercard Logo. Does that mean I can rent a car?

Jolly Wheels requires all renters to posses a credit or debit card in their name. A card with a Visa or Mastercard logo does not necessarily make it a credit or debit card. Jolly Wheels is more interested in the financial institution that is behind the logo. If it is a true credit card with a line of credit, or if it is a debit card that is linked to a bank account that has check writing and check deposit capabilities, then yes, you do satisfy this qualification. However, if the financial institution that is behind your card does NOT have you deal with a bank, then we consider it a prepaid card, which would not qualify you for car rental.

Question #20

Does Jolly Wheels offer any discounts for AAA members?

Yes but not much. AAA members can receive a $2.00 discount from the total cost of their rental. Discount is subject to membership validation.

Question #21

Does it cost anything to make a reservation?

Not Really. It is only the last step of the reservation process that requires a partial payment of the total. The payment also guarantees the availability of the vehicle. There are times where full advance payment is required.

Question #22

Are there any photos of the cars I can look at?

The Jolly Wheels website currently does not publish photos of each car. We are, however, working on adding photos to our luxury and exotic line.

Question #23

How can I find out what my vehicle looks like?

Since the images on our site are generic and since we don't publish actual photos of each car, we recommend doing an internet image search for the vehicles year make and model. Be aware that some of the photos that you made find may have been taken when the vehicle was brand new.

Question #24

What methods of payments are accepted?

Jolly Wheels accepts all methods of payments except cash. Checks, Money Orders, Credit, Debit, Prepaid cards are fine for payment. The providers on the other hand may not accept all types of payment. Please inquire a head of time if you have a question about payment to the provider.

Question #25

Does Jolly Wheels check my information for accuracy?

Yes. For the benefit of all involved, submitting your information accurately is an important step in the reservation process. Using a card that belongs to someone else, or entering your neighbors address instead of your own. Will result in your reservation being canceled and any payments or deposits being non-refundable.

Question #26

Why does Jolly Wheels want to know my address when I complete my reservation?

It is mainly used for vehicle recovery in the event that a vehicle is not returned on time, and other modes of communications with the customer have failed.

Question #27

Why does Jolly Wheels want the phone number on the back of my credit or debit card?

Although unusual, it is a reliable indicator for Jolly Wheels to determine if the card is pre-paid, without actually seeing it. Jolly Wheels has a strict policy regarding the renter requirement possessing a debit or credit card to qualify to rent a vehicle. We use the phone number to verify what bank or credit institution your card is linked to. If it is linked to an organization that we define as a prepaid system, then you will be prompted to use or submit another card. Otherwise the reservation will be canceled due to qualifications.

Question #28

Who designs and maintains the Jolly Wheels website?

As of September 2010, our talented in house design and programming team of 3 webmasters including our CEO, maintain the site on a daily basis.

Question #29

Is the Jolly Wheels website secure?

Yes. We take the privacy of our site visitors seriously. All pages on this site that ask for or display private data is secured using 256-bit encryption. This way only Jolly Wheels staff will be able to see your information.

Question #30

Does Jolly Wheels share any of my information with anyone else?

Yes, but only within the scope of the car rental. For example the provider which you will be renting the vehicle is provided with your name phone number and Driver License information. Also if there is any billing issues we may contact our merchant service and relay billing information. Your information is not sold or used in any dishonest ways.

Question #34

Why do I have to make a payment before I know where to pick up the car?

Jolly Wheels charges for its referral service. Giving out addresses and phone numbers will not allow us to stay in business.

Question #35

Why won't Jolly Wheels verbally tell me the location of my rental car, even after I pay?

The address must be received by way of e-mail to the customer. This is done to ensure that each customer receives all of the information necessary in one information packet for their rental. Our office can conclude that if customer received one piece of information, they have received it all.

Question #36

Do we offer Airport Service?

Some of our locations are located near major airports. Please ask specifically for airport service at the time of your reservation for more details.

Question #37

Are the prices that I see before or after taxes?

After. We try to keep the rates as accurate as possible, including all taxes, fees and surcharges. At times the prices may not be entirely accurate due to settings not set right by the providers. By the time we are ready to take your billing information, the total price will be confirmed and 100% accurate

Question #38

Can I go to the car rental location directly?

No. Jolly Wheels is a refferal service and we will not release the exact location of our provider before payment. As a courtesy, we display an approximate cross street to give customers an idea of the location of the vehicle. For metro areas the cross street is a few blocks away from actual location. In suburban and rural areas the actual location is usually within 1 mile.

Question #39

What is the deposit for?

The deposit is a security that is collected at the begining of the rental and refunded at the end of the rental. The purpose is to ensure that all costs incurred on a rental contract are satisfied, such as tickets, non refilled fuel or minor damages. Although not published, most car rental companies will require you to make a deposit. Many are surprised at the counter when this happens, so we give advanced notice of all charges.

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