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Article About Peer to Peer Car Rental

We Rent

Locating the best deals in town. Jolly Wheels makes renting from smaller companies smooth and easy.

We Share

Pioneering the Peer-To-Peer Concept, Jolly Wheels makes sharing any privately owned car safe and secure.

We Automate

Encouraging small business owners and other car businesses to experience big company technology at no cost.

We Partner

Teaming up and Cooperating with localy owned business to share resources for the common good

About Jolly Wheels

Jolly Wheels is an innovative car rental agency providing car rental reservations and other services for our valued customers and providers. Basically we are a car rental medium. Our car rentals are provided by a grown network of individual and small fleet rental companies spread through all 50 states. With so many services and programs, we are not easily defined.

Services For Renters

Car Rental

Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing

Exchange Rentals

Tips for Safer and Hassel Free Trips

Services for Providers

Online booking

24 Hour Customer Support Center

Cloud based Control Panel

High Profile Ranking on an Industry Website

Rent 4 Gas

Rent 4 Fix

Rent 4 Flight

An Innovation

With an innovative approach to the car rental business, acting as a car rental agency, we connect small local area fleet owners and individual rental providers with a full services of a traditional rental car company. This allows our providers with national exposure and greater rental opportunities. We provide inexpensive rentals for all licensed drivers in the USA and Countries world wide.

A Partner

Jolly Wheels is at the forefront in providing small fleet and private car owners with several support services. These services focus on supporting our providers with complete car rental services, from advertising to the conclusion of the rental. Our industry experience allow us to pinpoint and develop strategies for addressing problem areas of industry, including insurance, scheduling, roadside assistance, online booking and more.

An Advertiser

Combining online reservation and date automated date calculation and price calculation based on age, distance of trip

How did we get started?

Jolly Wheels started as a small used car rental service in 2005. We have grown into a nationwide car rental provider in over 100. Major Markets including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orlando.

How does Jolly Wheels Basically Work?

Very similar to traditional car rental Jolly Wheels combines several services that gives the average city or country dweller options of owning or not owning a vehicle.

What services do we offer?

Car Rental

Quality traditional car rental and a great price, in increasing locations. We represent smaller car rental companies in this regard very similar to Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline,

Peer to Peer Car Sharing

Car Sharing is a relatively new concept of renting a privately owned vehicle. Very Similar to traditional car rentals, sharing is more geared toward the community in mind with the goal of taking more vehicles off the road by several households sharing a small pool of cars.

Free Car Rental Software

All providers in our network enjoy access to our car rental software that combines a professional and easy to use control panel where you can organize vehicles, manage reservations, set rates and more. Researching the low priced car rental services and private car owners and pool them together on one site. We are proud to have vehicles that can fit any budget.

Jolly Wheels Man Logo

Jolly Wheels

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